Here at BIBC we pride ourselves on having
well trained, proficient and skilful coaching staff. We sincerely hope
that you enjoy the courses we provide here and we hope
to see you playing with us soon!


To enrol for any of our courses you must contact us
through our BIBC Reception.


Points of Learning:

Getting used to Green and equipment
Casting the Jack
Wood Trajectory
Forehand and backhand shots
Delivery Technique
The Target Line
Weight Control
Selecting Shot Types
General Practice and Development
Introduce Game Formats (Singles, Pairs etc.)
Scoring, Measuring and Marking
Bowls Etiquette and Sportsmanship

Commencing Wed 4th April 2018 6pm - 8pm
Duration: 4 weeks
Price: £30 per entire course

* More courses coming soon *


Every Friday 6pm - 8pm
Duration: 30min slots bookable
Price: £5 per 30min session

* More courses coming soon *